Information about the Esenyurt district in Istanbul

Esenyurt was established as an independent municipality in 2008 according to the decree issued by No. 5747; its ancient history dates back to the nineteenth century. It was, at that time, an agricultural area exporting crops to other regions, and it was known as Esenyurt.

Reference to one of its famous owners, whose area is 2,770 square kilometers. Statistics issued by the General Souls Department at the beginning of 2020 indicate that the population of Esenyurt has reached 954,579 people.

Where is Esenyurt located in Istanbul?

Its privileged location in Istanbul distinguishes Esenyurt. It is located in the European section of Istanbul. It is approximately 45 kilometers from Istanbul Airport and is served by a good transportation network. It is separated from the Marmara Sea shore by a distance of about three kilometers, and to its south is the E-5 highway, which reaches to Avcilar region and Beylikduzu region; on the east, it is bordered by Küçükçekmece Lake, and in the west, we find Büyükçekmece Lake.

How to reach Taksim from Esenyurt İstanbul?

Esenyurt is 31 km away from Taksim and can be reached by car within 30 minutes during off-peak times. As for public transportation, or using the Metrobus, it takes an hour and 20 minutes to reach Taksim, and a privileged location distinguishes it due to the passage of the two highways. The most important in Turkey are E80 and E5, the two most important highways in the city and its lifeline.

Pros of living in Esenyurt İstanbul:

  • Close to the city center.
  •  Competitive prices in the region in terms of real estate prices in Istanbul, whether for purchase or rent, in addition to the prices of goods and markets.
  •  The area is well-serviced in terms of facilities and a fast transportation network.

Transportation in Esenyurt İstanbul:

Esenyurt is characterized by a modern and fast transportation network, as the E80 and E5 highways pass through its northern and southern ends, which are the lifelines of Istanbul. The area is served by Metrobus or Metrobus, which connects the area with the rest of the European and Asian regions of Istanbul. We remember the TEM and D100 roads, which provide The complete linkage of the area with its surrounding roads.

Work is also currently being tried on a subway project that passes through the lands of Esenyurt, and this tunnel will connect the area with the city center in record time, and 70,000 people will be able to benefit from it daily.

Advantages of buying an apartment in Esenyurt

  • Esenyurt includes many modern residential complexes.
  •  Competitive prices for Istanbul real estate and apartments in the region
  •  Its privileged location is close to Başakşehir, one of the most critical and active real estate areas.
  •  The modern and fast transportation network, where the two essential roads, E80 and E5, pass through it.