Exceptional Turkish citizenship 2022: conditions and ways to obtain it

The methods of obtaining exceptional Turkish citizenship differ from the primary method of obtaining Turkish citizenship, such as assets or marriage. In this article, you will learn about exceptional Turkish citizenship, the laws related to it, the conditions and methods for obtaining exceptional Turkish citizenship, and the papers required to apply for it and its stages.

To whom is the exceptional Turkish citizenship granted?

Turkish law provides a set of conditions, and foreigners can obtain exceptional citizenship in Turkey. This method of obtaining Turkish citizenship is not limited to a specific foreign nationality but is granted to all foreigners in Turkey (such as Yemenis, Iraqis, and Egyptians). And who fulfills one of the following conditions:

  • Their legal record is free of any obstacles to national security and public order.
  •  For a foreigner to buy a property in Turkey worth 400 thousand dollars, with the fulfillment of the required conditions.
  •  Deposit $500 thousand in one of the official banks in Turkey with the fulfillment of the required conditions.
  •  Foreigners who employ at least 50 people in Turkey.

Ways to obtain exceptional Turkish citizenship:

  1. Issuance of a matching document from the Ministry of Labor indicating the employment of 50 Turkish people.
  2.  About the method of purchasing shares worth $ 500,000, a document must be obtained from the Ministry of Treasury and Finance proving the purchase of shares for the amount initially specified.
  3.  A matching document must be obtained from the Banking Regulatory Agency to prove the deposit of 500,000 US dollars in a Turkish bank.
  4.  If you want to obtain exceptional Turkish citizenship through a work permit in Turkey, you must obtain proof of residence from the Immigration Department.
  5.  As for the application via investment, approval is required by the Ministry of Industry and Technology.

As for the method of owning a property in Turkey worth 400 thousand US dollars, foreigners must take the following steps:

At first, real estate in Turkey must be purchased from a Turkish construction company or a Turkish person, provided that the amount of the property value is paid through a regular bank transfer and a real estate appraisal report is prepared by an approved real estate appraisal company in Turkey. After that, it is possible to buy ready-made or under-construction property. Then, the property is registered regularly in the Tapu Department. Finally, foreigners wishing to obtain exceptional Turkish citizenship must pledge not to sell the property for three years.

How to obtain exceptional Turkish citizenship

A direct application for obtaining exceptional Turkish citizenship is submitted to the Immigration Department in the state where the foreigner resides, accompanied by all the required documents and papers, in addition to all the qualifications that can strengthen his file with a document proving his legal status. Submission of the application A tracking number is then obtained to follow the progress of the file in the state institutions. If approved, exceptional Turkish citizenship will most likely be received within two or three months from the date of application.