Istanbul airport Metro

Istanbul airport Metro line

‏Istanbul airport Metro which is decided to be the fastest Metro line in Turkey is about to be put into service in the next period of this year

Istanbul real estate for Turkish citizenship

40% of foreign investments in Istanbul real estate for Turkish citizenship

Recently, the real estate market in Turkey is witnessing a great demand from foreign investors and has achieved record numbers for foreign sales compared to other developed countries.

Turkey real estate

Why do foreigners prefer investing in Turkey real estate?

Statistical studies and reports on real estate investment in Turkey indicate that the overwhelming majority of investors are grateful for owning a property in Turkey

What distinguishes Istanbul houses

What distinguishes Istanbul houses?

Istanbul is one of the largest cities in Europe and embraces nearly 16 million people. It is the city with the largest population in Turkey

regulations of construction in Turkey

Regulations of construction in Turkey

The Turkish construction law regulates the issue of real estate construction in Turkey and exceeds the controls and requirements that regulate this process

Exceptional Turkish citizenship 2022

Exceptional Turkish citizenship 2022

The methods of obtaining exceptional Turkish citizenship differ from the basic method of obtaining Turkish citizenship, such as assets or marriage

buying a property in Antalya

A guide for buying a property in Antalya 2022

There are many real estate investment destinations in Turkey, and perhaps the most important and most famous is Antalya, which is known as the capital of tourism in Turkey,

investment in Turkey

The best types of investment in Turkey

Investment in the industrial sector is the first and most guaranteed investment in Turkey, as Turkey embraces more than 200 industrial zones spread over 80 regions

Family residence in Turkey

Family residence in Turkey

There are many types of residence permits for foreigners in Turkey, including tourist residence, real estate residence, and work residence, in addition to the family residence

Ownership transfer of properties in Turkey

Ownership transfer of properties in Turkey?

It is an official legal document through which property rights are transferred from a person or entity to another individual or entity, and the ownership of the property is transferred through an official deed

What are the steps required to obtain Turkish citizenship when buying a property

Turkish citizenship when buying a property

After the Turkish government issued a set of facilities for foreigners to obtain Turkish citizenship, the demand for the real estate market increased tremendously foreigners

the updates on buying properties in Turkey by foreigners

The updates on buying properties in Turkey by foreigners

Foreign citizens in Turkey who wish to buy a property are obligated to sell foreign currency of the capital allocated for the purchase of the property in Turkey to the Central Bank of Turkey

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