Everything related to the title deed procedures for foreigners:

Turkish law states that foreigners have the right to own any type of property within the borders of the Turkish Republic, as the principle of reciprocity has been abolished when owning property in Turkey.

The ownership of the property is legally transferred from one person to another through an official deed the so-called (Tapu) and is legally signed and registered in the directorates of the real estate registry following the laws and regulations in the Turkish state.

What is the title deed for real estate in Turkey?

The title deed expresses the official document that proves the person’s ownership of the property mentioned in this document, and the title deed includes information related to the property, the location of the property added to the real estate survey numbers, and the title deed is granted by the Real Estate Registry Directorate of the Ministry of Environment and Cities in Turkey.

The name of the owner is mentioned in the title deed, and there are several cases here: If only one person’s name is mentioned in the name field, this indicates that the entire property belongs to that person only, but if the person’s name is mentioned with a certain percentage, this indicates that the person A partner in owning the property and owns a share in the proportion mentioned in the bond, that is, when the property is owned by several people, they are not given several bonds, but one bond is granted with the names of the persons who own the property with their ratios, and the partners in the ownership of the property are considered partners in the whole property without dividing it according to the parts assigned to each partner.

This bond is only granted to the legal owner of the real estate or what is known as the owner of the real estate, and it is not granted to the lessor or mortgagor of the real estate.

Title Deed Fee for Foreigners

Foreigners in Turkey are subject to the same laws and procedures as any Turkish citizen, and they do not incur any additional fees for the customary ratios. When the property is inherited, foreign heirs do not pay any fees over the fees incurred by Turkish citizens.

In the end, the fees for registering the title deed for foreigners in Turkey are paid once and amount to 4% of the property price, and both the buyer and seller must pay it equally between them, i.e. 2% is imposed on each of them

Some problems related to the title deed procedures for foreigners

One of the problems that constantly recur with foreigners when buying properties in Turkey is the issue of not distinguishing between the agricultural title deed, or what is known as (the blue title deed), and the residential or real estate title, or (the red title deed).

Where the agricultural title deed or blue title deed is known: is a title deed granted to those who wish to buy agricultural land, and the problem appears when wanting to sell the land to an investor to build real estate or residential complexes in Turkey, as it is not possible to build real estate on land designated for agriculture and must be the owner The land holds the red title deed, not the blue.

As for the real estate title deed or the red title deed, it is the title deed of residential real estate, where the seller of the land must

Change the title deed from blue to red.