Esil Kartepe

Zeray Esil Kartepe, offers an exclusive life with garden floors and apartments with private balconies and pools located in private blocks.


December 2023


Dora Hill

The project is located next to 720,000 square meters of forests, meaning it is possible to live in modern homes with views of the sea, forests and lake.


May 2024


Perla Zeray

The project, which was built with a modern architectural understanding, is located in a very prime location in Yuvacık Başiskele. With its nature, clean air, and landscapes


May 2023

What is the tourist value of Kocaeli

What is the tourist value of Kocaeli?

Kocaeli city tops the list of the most important tourist cities in Turkey and is no less important than the city of Istanbul in terms of aesthetic features, scenic views, and pleasant climate,

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