Turkish construction law regulates the issue of real estate construction in Turkey. However, it exceeds the controls and requirements that regulate this process, and construction work cannot be carried out on any land. Still, this land must be included within the reconstruction plan or construction organization and hold a construction status document that includes all private information.

The concerned municipality must issue the document, and the architectural status of the plot of land to be built must be checked, as it must be registered under the “house” field.

In cases of unorganized lands in the countryside, it is possible to build within them, but under specific conditions stipulated by the Turkish Building Law:

  • First, the aesthetic and health issue must be considered within the regulatory sector, and this construction should not cause any problems affecting this sector.
  •  The building share shall be at most 5% of the surface of the regulatory sector in which it is located.
  •  The height of the building shall be at most 6.5 meters above its floor level.
  •  Regarding the space issue, the total construction area should be at most 250 square meters on two floors as a maximum.
  •  The minimum distance from the regulatory boundaries of the sectors, and the adjacent roads, shall be 5 meters.
  •  Finally, approval is granted to build in unorganized areas in summer houses designated for families or for tourist and recreational facilities, which fulfill the conditions mentioned above.

What is the building system in Turkey?

There are many building systems for real estate in Turkey, and the materials used vary from one system to another. The reinforced concrete building system is the most prevalent in Turkey, in addition to the steel frame system, stone brick building system, and wooden houses.

The construction method used within each plot of Turkey is determined based on a set of documents issued by the municipality and includes the appropriate building method. A building permit must be obtained for this land, including the type of property built on the land, whether residential or commercial, and other information.

How are building permits obtained in Turkey?

To obtain any building permit in Turkey, you must first prepare the architectural plan for the building and then get approval from the construction units in the municipality, in addition to securing a set of documents.

  1. Application for a license.
  2. Title deed.
  3. Building information form.
  4. Architectural status (required by the municipality in whose administrative boundaries the building is located).
  5. Status document (showing the boundaries of the sectors and obtained from the cadastral survey directorates).
  6. Architectural plan (certified by the Architects’ Chamber) and the Architects Chamber’s record document.
  7. Reinforced concrete plan (certified by the Chamber of Architects)
  8. Structural Engineers Chamber Record Document with Soil Study Report.
  9. The electricity wiring scheme and the sanitary wiring scheme (to be certified by the room).
  10. Chamber of electrical engineers record document.
  11. Mechanical Engineers Chamber Record Document.
  12. Responsible for implementing the scheme and its papers.
  13. Documents related to the building contractor, where an authorized building contractor undertakes the construction.
  14. The documents of the building control company and the building control contract with a bank receipt indicating that 20% of the building control company’s fee has been deposited into its account.
  15. Construction Supervisor Contract.