The reality of real estate investment in Turkey 2022

It is no longer a secret that Turkey as a country today is one of the most powerful countries in economic terms in the world, due to several factors, including its prominent geographical location and possession of two of the essential waterways in the world, the Dardanelles and the Bosphorus, as the only access point between the Mediterranean and the sea the black.

In addition to the geographical importance of these two straits, their presence gave the Turkish state political and economic weight, making it among the twenty largest economies in the world.

In general, the Turkish economy depends at the forefront on investment, mainly foreign, and is considered one of the essential investment sectors in Turkey, the real estate investment sector.

In the years preceding the Corona crisis, Turkey was a significant destination for foreign investors worldwide.

But today, some may wonder about the fate of real estate investment in Turkey 2022 in light of the significant events that the country has witnessed in the past two years!

Real estate investment in Turkey 2022

The emergence and decline of the Corona pandemic, in addition to the crisis of the rise of the US dollar against the Turkish lira, greatly affected all economic sectors in Turkey, the most important of which is real estate investment. Given the recent real estate prices in Turkey, it can be noted the many hikes that affected Turkish real estate prices late last year 2021, And it is continuing at a faster pace since the early days of the current year 2022.

According to the Research and Studies Center of the Turkish Bahcesehir University BETAM, Istanbul real estate prices alone rose by 105.6% in 2021. This rise is not only due to the decline in the exchange rate of the Turkish currency against foreign currencies, led by the dollar. In addition, the high inflation rate (consumer price index) reached 36.8%, according to the Turkish Statistical Authority, in the last month of the previous year on an annual basis, but also as Turkey approaches the year 2023.

This rise in the prices of Turkish real estate means that real estate investment in it, especially today, is still a thriving and secured project because despite all the events we mentioned earlier, the real estate market remained the biggest beneficiary.

Why invest in Turkey real estate?

Real estate investment in Turkey is the best option among all other investments because it is the most secure،, as the need for housing is a constant need for people in different circumstances and motives. 

The value of the property usually increases, which leads to an increase in profits over time, with the possibility of almost zero loss.

Previous statistics showed that the number of properties sold in Istanbul alone last March amounted to 4,321 properties, and Turkey was ranked among the best countries to own a property. In addition, Istanbul ranked ninth among the most visited countries.

In addition, Istanbul has outperformed Berlin, Barcelona, ​​Rome, Los Angeles, and other important tourist cities in the past years, making it one of the most significant real estate selling points and the best investment in Turkey.

The best forms of real estate investment in Turkey

Buying a property in a project under construction in a vital or strategic area and then selling it after the project ends at a higher price.

Apartments for sale in Istanbul, especially in the tourist areas, which enjoy vital locations characterized by their proximity to transportation, the sea, and others

Buying lands for sale in Turkey within city planning schemes or building housing complexes on them and then selling them later at a double price.

Buying an old property, renovating and improving it, and then selling it at a higher price.

Buying a ready-made apartment in a project and then renting it and ensuring a fixed monthly return

Obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment or buying a property in Turkey