Statistical studies and reports on real estate investment in Turkey indicate that most investors are grateful for owning a property in Turkey. The latest information on this topic indicates that the percentage of satisfaction and gratitude among foreign investors about acquiring real estate in Turkey reached 83.2%. Although this percentage varies according to Nationalities, this percentage reached 95.8% among Algerian investors. In second place were Russian investors, who were grateful for buying a property in Turkey, about 92.6%, and the Germans ranked third at 92%.

During the dialogue with the President of the Foreign Real Estate Promotion Association, Mr. Omer Faruk Akbal, he indicated that 83.2% of the gratitude of investors for buying a property in Turkey is a perfect percentage, which indicates the success of a strategy to promote in foreign markets in addition to many factors that make Turkey an investment destination, including Jeddah building in Turkey and its cultural diversity in addition to health services and many other services.

Would you like to buy a house in Turkey again?

When foreign investors were asked about their desire to buy another property or house in Turkey, the percentage of those willing to do so was about 70.2%. This percentage also varies according to nationalities. For example, this percentage reached 72.4% among Jordanians, who ranked first, while Algerians ranked second with a percentage of 66.7%, and in third place were the Iraqis, with a rate of 51.4%.

Foreigners’ preferences and priorities when buying properties in Turkey

The study also dealt with the most critical factors affecting the purchase process for investors. The property price was an essential criterion at 63.4%, followed by the property’s location at 58.3%, and the third place for the view of the property at 36%.

What are the reasons foreign investors prefer Turkey real estate?

As for the most important reasons that make Turkey the preferred destination for many investors, the region’s climate came in the first place, as it is the most critical factor for 53.2% of the investors included in the study, and the cultural, social and religious element was ranked second according to 48% of the investors. Furthermore, due to the possibility of stability in the region, it ranked third according to 39.8%, and the factor of vacationing within acceptable costs ranked fourth.

Finally, the hospitality factor ranked fifth, with the love of 30.7% of the investors included in this study.